Pastor Melvin Hiler 1942-2014

We are a very Christ centered Church, seeking simply to follow the teachings of the Bible and lead people to know Jesus Christ as their Savior, so they will be saved. We are steadily growing and are still in the planning changes of developing more programs to help people of all ages and in all areas of life. If you do not have a home Church or are searching for a new one, we cordially invite you to consider our Church as your new home. Whether you become  a new member of our Church or not, we are still very willing to serve you in any way we can, such as Baptisms, Counseling, Weddings, Hospital Visits, Funerals, etc. There are no charges or expected donations for these services. We take Jesus words seriously and are here to serve one another. We are all Gods children.

Come join us as we worship the King
Sunday service: 9:15 & 11:15 am
Sunday school: 9:15 am

Pastor Chuck Sandison

Christ the King Lutheran Church

Believe in Christ and not a religion.

Pastor Chuck Sandison